A Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS (also sometimes known as PSDS (Product safety data sheet) or even a COSHH data sheet in the United Kingdom) is a document with data regarding the properties of a particular substance.

An MSDS sheet for a substance is not primarily intended for use by the general consumer, focusing instead on the hazards of working with the material in an occupational/professional setting. In some jurisdictions the MSDS is required to state the chemical's risks, safety, and effect on the environment.

We provide the following MSDS sheets for the products we sell. You may view, download, read, print and post these in your place of business as needed. At no time are you permitted to edit or change these data sheets in any way.



3D Gel

99% Alcohol



Base Coat 3 Free

Blue Color Additive Drops

Brush Cleaner

Brush On Glue

Callus Treatment

Colored Acrylic Powder

Colored UV Gel

Cuticle Oils

Extra Hard Gel

Foot Mask/Creme Mask

Foot Soak

French Gel

Gentle Gel

Gentle Bond

Gentle Gloss



Holographic Gel

Mint Massage Oil

Nail Hardener 3 Free

Nailite Nail Polish

Nail Prep

Non Acetone

Odorless Powder

Omega Liquid

Peach Lotion

Pedicure Salt Scrub

Pedicure Scrub Gel

Pedicure Sugar Scrub

Polish Thinner

Quick Dry Oil

Red Color Additive Drops

Regular Liquid

Regular Powder

Resin I

Ridge Filler 3 Free

Rock Salt

Sloughing Cream

Something Wonderful

Stick It 3 Free

Stylus Gel

Superior Liquid

Superior Powder

Thin Gel Coat

Top Coat 3 Free

Transfer Foil Adhesive

Universal Liquid

UV Liquid